Development of Sustainable Solutions, with major concerns related to the life-cycle of products, to the management of waste resulting from human operations (including construction) and with environmental and economic sustainability

Methodologies for simultaneously innovating and reducing the ecological footprint both by using eco-friendly solutions and by incorporating waste/residuals/subproducts.

Develop new and frontline approaches that allow innovation in infrastructures and facilities, but with a major concern on their environmental performance.

Methods and tools to Increase the structural and functional performance of Engineering Works, from a perspective of advanced technology and innovation, creating new, competitive and safe systems to improve comfort and safety in infrastructures, buildings and industrial facilities.

Modern sensing technologies in monitoring of cultural heritage and new strategies for the management of monuments, from the point of view of conservation, maintenance and exploitation.

Virtual preservation and valorization of cultural heritage, including new trends such as virtual reconstruction of the past and its study using modern technological means.

Technological advances in monitoring/sensoring collecting large amounts of data in real-time to feed new, innovative and robust algorithms, quantification of the risk of exceptional hazards on offshore structures and Risk and resilience in Industrial applications and in the built environment.

Development of new inspection and health monitoring strategies based on new robotic technologies and infrastructure maintenance planning and management based on advanced models and on acquisition of large amounts of data from distributed sensors.

Continuous development of BIM technologies or the development of artificial intelligence applications in the context of construction, industry and infrastructure management and control.