António Pedro Rodrigues de Aguiar
TL4 Coordinator

Associate Professor with Habilitation at DEEC-FEUP, BSc (5-year), M.S. and Ph.D. in ECE from Inst. Superior Técnico (IST), Univ. Lisboa, Portugal in 1994, 1998 and 2002. He has authored more than 240 publications: 20% int. Journals (90% are Q1, and 10% Q2), 75% int. conference articles, and 5% book chapters; h-index: 40 (google scholar), 30 (scopus), Citations: 6080 (google), 3640(scopus); Supervision: 10 post-docs, 6 completed PhD thesis, 5 ongoing, and >35 master thesis. Research interests: Signals, Control Systems and Robotics with focus on mobile networked cyber-physical systems; motion planning, guidance, navigation and control of single and multiple autonomous robotic vehicles; nonlinear control and estimation theory; optimization and optimal control; large-scale distributed systems. He has been participating in several R&D national (PI of 4 FCT projects) and international projects (>12) in the area. Associate Editor of journals IFAC Automatica and IEEE Control Systems Letters.