The PRODUCECH4S & C Mobilizer Project is a response from the range of information technology (FTP) for the construction of a circular and sustainable manufacturing industry. It advocates the development of differentiating solutions, in response to the urgency of the transformation of industry towards sustainability and circular economy, enabling FTP to assume a key positioning in a global niche: production technologies that facilitate circularity and industrial sustainability.

It embodies a research and innovation agenda, in the fields of production technologies, economics circular, cyber-physical systems and modernization of industry. It results from the concertation and critical mass of companies and entities, for an efficient development and endogenization. It provides for the creation, acceleration and demonstration of solutions, in user sectors, and wide dissemination in view of their effective diffusion. 

This project started in June 2020 and in the next 30 months it will translate into new products-services, with high added value, in strengthening the positioning international network, and will enhance its qualified integration into global value chains / innovation and drag effects to the industry as a whole.