Digital Ecosystem, Sustainability, Risk and Management

The Strategic Plan for this thematic line is to consider an integrated Sustainable development involving Infrastructures and facilities and Cultural heritage, adopting the current trends for a Fully Digital Ecosystem, by addressing relevant challenges related to Risk assessment and management, resilience and robustness, Failure, Reliability, Maintenance and Resilience and using Advanced logistics and management to contribute to a robust and resilient society. Application areas are related to the built environment, including construction, industry and cultural heritage. A strong connection to the other thematic lines is required, and integration of technologies and knowledge from those lines (1 to 4) is necessary to fulfill the main objectives of this plan.

Support to public policies related to essential economic and social aspects is sought. Contributing to increase the overall competitiveness of the Portuguese economy in the European and international context is a strategic objective, together with the improvement of the population’s life quality and society’s resilience, as well as reducing the vulnerability of structures and infrastructures to natural and human-made hazards. The presented strategy plan is clearly supported by present strategic plans of Europe (Horizon Europe) and Portugal (National Strategy for an Intelligent Specialization – ENEI and Strategic Recovery Plan– SRP2020). In particular, it is envisaged to contribute to public policies that aim at the de-carbonization of the economy through sustainability, digitalization of the economy, including industry and construction, climate change adaptation and heritage protection, conservation and valorization. Contribution to the broader objective of improving the overall formation level and qualifications in these sensible areas is also a key strategy of this thematic line, where this proposal’s members have clearly demonstrated their capacity to fulfill this objective.