New Materials and Components

Line - New Materials and Components - is divided into 5 sublines (particles, films, bulk, liquids, inks and gels, and materials and component characterization) and deals with materials and components research, covering the entire value chain, from the development of new materials to the enhancement of the existing ones, the characterization of materials properties and the evaluation of their response when employed in components and systems. This Line’s expertise concerns the development and production of various types of materials (bio-based, metal-based, ceramic-based, polymer-based, timber-based, masonry-based, smart, meta and multimaterials) and shapes (particles, films, liquid, inks and bulk) for various applications such as Fabrication Technologies, Additive Manufacturing, Energy & Environment, Mobility, Construction, Safety, and Smart Sensing for Robotics, Automation, Advanced Manufacturing and Health. It interacts directly with the other Lines of the Associate Laboratory in the way that there are no Advanced Production and Robotic Systems, Smart Energy Systems, Intelligent Systems and Robotics or even Sustainability, Risk or Management without advanced/ new materials.